On the first day (Tuesday 8th June 2010) of  the 2nd Africa Agriculture Geospatial Week, the afternoon was devoted to looking at the AgCommonsproject and the launching of its new platform. Continue Reading »


Kenya’s agriculture minister opens Africa Agriculture Geospatial Week and calls for efforts to take geospatial information to the ‘last mile’ Continue Reading »

Registrations opened today for the training day at the Africa Agriculture GIS Week 2010, that will be held in Nairobi 8-12 June 2010.

The Training Day will take place on on Friday 11 June at the ILRI Campus in Nairobi, Kenya.

The program of the day includes parallel training sessions from ESRI, Google and OpenStreetMap.

Registration is closed

Google program:

A series of workshops  to learn how Google’s geo tools relate to each other and can be used for scientific investigations, resource management, monitoring deforestation, and also as powerful communication tools.

Featured products will include

Google Earth
Google Maps
Google Map Maker
Fusion Tables
Open Data Kit.

All products will be presented in a context of applied agriculture in order to facilitate discussions in the spirit of the theme of the event.

ESRI program:

The  workshop will cover the new features coming with ArcGIS Server 10, how to use your data to make maps and share them with others by publishing them on a server.ArcGIS offers several options for building web applications. Participants will learn how to quickly and easily use configurable web applications to leverage maps from ArcGIS.com as well as their own data. Participants will also learn about the different types of web applications that can be built with the different ArcGIS APIs. The workshop will also focus on the new web editing capabilities of ArcGIS Server 10. This functionality enables to create a variety of web applications for collaboration.The workshop will cover a complete step by step process: from authoring your maps effectively for web editing, enabling web editing capabilities in ArcGIS Server, and selecting the appropriate end client application to support different editing workflows.

Featured technology:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Web Map for Flex
  • ArcGIS Explorer Online
  • ArcGIS.com
  • ArcGIS APIs for JavaScript, Flex and Silverlight


OpenStreetMap is a free and open map of the entire world, open to contribution and use by anyone. The workshop will start with a general introduction to OpenStreetMap, introduce surveying with GPS and satellite imagery digitization, and use of the OpenStreetMap.org website. We’ll cover editing and tagging with our editors, JOSM and Potlatch. We’ll look at how OSM data can be used on the web, and in other GIS tools from ESRI, Google, and others. The day will close with a survey of advanced topics like API rendering, filtering, and imports.

aWhere (starting at 2pm)

This session will provide an introductory look at Agricultural Information System – Weather Surfaces (AIS) and, aWhere desktop software – a lightweight GIS designed specifically for non-GIS specialist use. The AIS provides historical, forecasts and round-the-clock access to the most comprehensive, continuously updated and cleansed weather database available critical for agri-business.

Due to space limitations registrations will be accepted on a “first come first served”  basis,  and precedence will be given to those who have registered to attend other events of the AAGW 2010.

To register please fill the form here

Please note that a specific registration is required to attend the training and that the  AAGW  registration DOES NOT grant you access to the training sessions.

If you need further information please send an email to info@africaagricultureGISweek.org

From 8 -12 June 2010 the Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), AGCommons, HarvestChoice and other partners are jointly organizing the second Africa Agriculture GIS Week to be held at the ILRI Campus in Nairobi. We are looking for experiences to be shared and innovative ideas and in the field of Geospatial Information Services (GIS) for agricultural development. We want to hear about your experience and how location-specific information enhanced your work and made your project more successful and effective. We are interested to listen to your ideas on how GIS can effectively be applied for agricultural development.

You can use any format, including interactive sessions, poster boards, video demonstration or  live application demonstration.

The closing date for the submission has been extended to 30th April, 2010.
Please note that at this point in time, we are not able to cover travel costs and daily allowance.
For more information:  http://africaagriculturegisweek.org/how-do-i-participate/

Call for presentations is available for downloading here: 2ndCallforPresentations

What is WhereCamp?

WhereCamp is a free ‘unconference’ for geogeographers, mobile location experts and social cartographers and all kinds of folks interested in place.

It will be held in conjunction with the Africa Agriculture GIS Week 2010 on 12 and 13 June in Nairobi. Continue Reading »

Dear Colleagues,

This is a brief follow-up to the earlier (in January – already!) email about our next CSI/AGCommons sponsored meeting, the 2010 Africa Agriculture GIS Week (AAGW). Most importantly, the date and location have been set!

  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya (exact venue not still under negotiation, likely ILRI or ICRAF. Yes, we too are disappointed we didn’t make Bamako. Let’s get the funding to do that next time!)
  • Dates: 8-13 June 2010 (MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)
  • Draft Schedule Continue Reading »